Legal terms

By virtue of Law 15/1999, of 13 of December, on the Protection of personal Character data, we do connoisseur to him of which their personal data that can be in this communication, are built-in an automated file responsibility of the mercantile company Receptora de Liquidos, S.A., Cif A-08145385, registered in the Mercantile Registry of Barcelona, Folio 90, Volume 1243, Section 2ª of Societies, Leaf 8499, Inscription 1ª. The purpose of this file is to manage the asked for service.

The user guarantees the authenticity of all those data that communicates through and will maintain updated the information that it facilitates to Relisa SA, so that it responds to his real situation at any moment, being the unique person in charge of the false or inexact manifestations that it realises, as well as of the damages that it causes for that reason to Receiving of liquids SA. or to third parties.

Receiving of liquids SA he cannot assume any responsibility derived from the incorrect, unsuitable or illicit use of the information appeared in the pages of Internet of RECEPTORA DE LÍQUIDOS, S.A. (RELISA)

With the limits established in the law, RECEPTORA DE LÍQUIDOS, S.A. (RELISA) he does not assume any responsibility derived from the lack of veracity, integrity, update and precision of the data or information that are contained in their pages of Internet. The contents and information of the pages of Internet of RECEPTORA DE LÍQUIDOS, S.A. (RELISA) are elaborated by professionals properly qualified for the exercise of their profession. Nevertheless, the contents and information do not tie to the aforesaid one, nor constitute opinions, advice or legal advising of any type, because it is merely an offered service with informative and divulging character.

The pages of Internet of RECEPTORA DE LÍQUIDOS, S.A. (RELISA) can contain connections (links) to other pages of third parties. Therefore, this one will not be able to assume responsibilities by the content that can appear in pages of third parties. The texts, images, sounds, animations, software and the rest of contents including in this website are Receiving exclusive property of of liquid SA or its licenciantes. Any act of transmission, distribution, cession, reproduction, storage or total or partial public communication, must count on the express consent of Receiving of liquids SA

Also, to accede to the services that RECEPTORA DE LÍQUIDOS, S.A. (RELISA) offer through website, it will have to provide some personal character data. In accordance with the established thing in LOPD 15/1999, into 13 of December, we informed to him that their personal data will be built-in and will be dealed with in the files about Receiving liquid SA, with the purpose of to be able to him to serve and to offer our. Also, we informed to him into the possibility that it exerts the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition of its personal character data, in Wharf 32 of inflammable, 08039 - Barcelona, or, to send an electronic mail to

To enjoy the “clientes”, the customer will receive in his/her e-mail a username and a password to be entered in the professional area.

RECEPTORA DE LÍQUIDOS, S.A. (RELISA) is not responsible for the passwords misuse that you can perform as a registered professional. It is your responsibility to safeguard keys and passwords properly in order to access at the professional area, preventing the misuse or access by third parties.

Also, your acceptance to this Legal Notice is providing explicit consent to RECEPTORA DE LÍQUIDOS, S.A. (RELISA)   can send advertising or promotional e-mail or other similar form of communication, in the terms established by Law 34/2002, on the Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce. In the case of not being interested in receiving such communications, please contact RECEPTORA DE LÍQUIDOS, S.A. (RELISA), at the above address or email expressing your will.


Intellectual property

The contents provided by RECEPTORA DE LÍQUIDOS, S.A. (RELISA) are subject to the rights of intellectual and industrial property and are exclusive ownership of RECEPTORA DE LÍQUIDOS, S.A. (RELISA) or the physical or legal people who report. By means of the acquisition of a product or service, RECEPTORA DE LÍQUIDOS, S.A. (RELISA) it does not confer to the purchaser any right of alteration, operation, reproduction, distribution or public communication on the same, reserving RECEPTORA DE LÍQUIDOS, S.A. (RELISA) all these rights. The cession of the right mentioned ones will need the previous consent in writing on the part of the holder the same, so that the client will not be able to put at the disposal of third people these contents.

The intellectual property extends, besides the content including in RECEPTORA DE LÍQUIDOS, S.A. (RELISA), to its graphs, logos, designs, images and source codes used for its programming.

Receiving from liquid SA it has obtained the Data and the materials including in the Web of trustworthy sources considered like and, although reasonable measures have been taken to make sure that the contained information is the correct one, RECEPTORA DE LÍQUIDOS, S.A. (RELISA) cannot guarantee that at any moment and circumstance this information is exact, completes, updated and, consequently, it does not have to trust outside her as if. RECEPTORA DE LÍQUIDOS, S.A. (RELISA) it specifically declines any responsibility by error or omission in the Information contained in the pages of this Web.

RECEPTORA DE LÍQUIDOS, S.A. (RELISA) the faculty is reserved to modify, to suspend, to cancel or to restrict the content of the Web, the bonds or the data obtained through her, without needing previous warning. This one, in no case, assumes responsibility some as a result of the incorrect use of the Web that can carry out the user, as much of the information as of the services in her contained.

In no Receiving case of liquid SA, their branches and/or centers of work, their directors and/or proxies, employees and, generally, the authorized personnel will be responsible for any type of damage, losses, claims or expenses of no type, whether come, directly or indirectly, of the use and/or diffusion of the Web or the Data acquired or acceded by or through this one, or of its virus computer science, operative failures or interruptions in the service or transmission or of failures in the line in the use of the Web, as much by direct connection as by bond or another means, constituting to all the legal effects a warning to any user of which these possibilities and events can happen.

RECEPTORA DE LÍQUIDOS, S.A. (RELISA) person in charge of the nonown Webs to which it is possible to be acceded by means of bonds or I connect (“links”) or of any content put at the disposal of third parties does not become. Any use of a bond or access to a nonown Web will be realised by will and at risk and exclusive luck of the user. RECEPTORA DE LÍQUIDOS, S.A. (RELISA) obtenida/s by or through a bond recommends neither guarantees no of la/s Información/es, nor takes responsibility of no loss, claim or damage derived from the use or evil use of a bond, or from the Data obtained through him, including other bonds or Webs, from the interruption in the service or the access, or on the attempt to use or to use a bond badly, as much when connecting to the Receiving Web of of liquid SA like a acceding to the information of other Webs from the same.

Sometimes, this Web uses “Cookies”, that is to say, small files of data that are generated in the computer of the user and which they allow to obtain the following Data: 1) Date and hour of the last time that the user visited the Web; 2) Design and contents that the user chose in his first visit to the Web; 3) Elements of security that take part in the control from access to the restricted areas and 4) Other analogous circumstances. The user has the option to prevent the generation of cookies, by means of the selection of the corresponding option in his navigating program. , Nevertheless RECEPTORA DE LÍQUIDOS, S.A. (RELISA) one does not take responsibility of which the decontamination of the same prevents the good operation of the page Web.


Industrial and intellectual property

This Web is Receiving property of of liquid SA the rights of Intellectual Property and rights of operation and reproduction of this Web, of its pages, screens, the Information that contain, its appearance and design, as well as the bonds (“hiperlinks”) that settle down from her to other pages Web of any filial and/or dominated society of RECEPTORA DE LÍQUIDOS, S.A. (RELISA), are exclusive property of this one, unless specifically another thing is specified. Any denomination, design and/or logo, as well as any product or service offered and reflected in this page Web, are marks properly registered by RECEPTORA DE LÍQUIDOS, S.A. (RELISA), its filial and/or dominated societies or third parties. Any illegal use of the same by people different from its legitimate holder and without the express and unequivocal consent on the part of this one could be denounced and be persecuted through all the means legal existing in the Spanish and/or communitarian Legal Ordering.

The rights of intellectual property and marches of third parties are outstanding properly and must be respected by all that one that accedes to this page, not being Receiving responsibility of of liquid SA the use that the user can carry out on the matter, falling the exclusive responsibility to their person.

Only for personal and deprived use it is allowed to unload the contents, to copy or to print any page of this Web. It is prohibited to reproduce, to transmit, to modify or to suppress the information, content or warnings of this Web without the previous authorization in writing of RECEPTORA DE LÍQUIDOS, S.A. (RELISA)


Applicable law and jurisdiction

The present general conditions are in force by the Spanish Legislation, being competent the Courts and Spanish Courts to know whichever questions are provoked on the interpretation, application and fulfillment of the same. The user, by virtue of his acceptance to the picked up general conditions in this legal warning, resigns specifically to any law that, by application of the Law of effective Civil Judgment could correspond to him.